Hi! Do you have everything figured out in your life? Well, then this is not the place for you! I would love to hear how you got there, but unfortunately, I don’t think you will get much from my blog if that is the case. If that is not, WELCOME. Make yourself comfortable.

I am a twenty- one- year- old who cannot go a day without writing. I decided last year that I¬†would not only just keep my writing to myself, but I would share some of it with all who are willing to listen… or read in this case.

I am studying Professional Writing and Public Relations at TaylorUniversity. This is where my journey has really begun in the area of writing. I write reviews, devotionals, articles, short stories, and I even have a novel in the making. You can check that out here.


I love writing and cannot imagine my life without it. However, there is a time and a place for certain pieces. That’s why I created this site; to lose all the crazy thoughts inside my head onto this screen to help make sense of everything. It’s not a “professional” piece, but it is a piece of my heart and mind.

This is where I let go and let the searching begin. Where I’m not afraid to say how I feel and let all of you see the flaws that I am tempted to hide. I want this space to be safe and comfortable. A place I can share and grow, which hopefully encourages you to do the same.

Also, just a few simple things about me:

I love the beach. Sun and warm weather make me feel alive. I love food, especially everything that is the opposite of healthy. I hate coffee…sorry? I can only handle people for so long, so I value my alone time. I love Jesus but I don’t have Him completely figured out.