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img_4302.jpgHer Deadly Inheritance
by Beth Ann Ziarnik
Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, 2016
PB, 255 pages

This novel is a mystery full of twists and turns in the midst of a family feud. Windtop, a historic home passed down for generations, is desperately sought after by Jill’s tenacious Aunt Lenore. The problem is, Jill is the only inheritor left after her mother is said to have committed suicide. However, Jill is not convinced her mother actually did commit suicide, and she’s determined to figure out the truth. In the process, she is introduced to Clay, a man hired for restoration work at Windtop… Read more



*** Scripture and Nature Say Yes!
By Denis O. Lamoureux
PB, 184 pages

Denis O. Lamoureux shares his experience of living in an “either/or” dichotomy of creation and evolution as a Christian and –at one time—an atheist. Soon after becoming an atheist, he came back to his faith as a lover of science and a follower of Christ, realizing that this was possible. He argues against the false dichotomy using scripture and science; informing the reader of the unnecessary struggle of choosing between The Word and nature… Read More







Reviewed by Aubree DeVisser, a freelance writer for The Waynedale News, SEG-Way News, and a staff writer for The Echo. 

Book Title: Just Look Up

Author: Courtney Walsh

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

Format: Print book



Just Look Up is an inspiring, heartwarming story of Lane; a young woman wrestling with her past. Growing up in close-knit town, she was constantly reminded of her differences and lack of inclusion. She eventually escapes the life she has known and dives into the career she has always desired. Determined and stubborn, Lane rejects everyone who tries to get close to her. When she is suddenly informed her brother has been in a tragic accident and is fighting for his life, she is forced to return home and must face all the emotional baggage that comes with it.

A fire rekindles between her and an old family friend Ryan, who has a challenging past of his own. He attempts to suppress it out of fear that he will no longer be accepted. His love for Lane and his determination to be a better man than his father and his friends and loved ones have been, helps him to come to grips with his past and move on in a positive way.

During the process, both Ryan and Lane build their broken and abandoned relationships with not only people from their past, but also with God. During this time, both learn how to love themselves, as well as the place where they grew up, despite their previous associations with it.



Rating: 5

Suggested Audience: YA and up

Christian Impact:

Courtney Walsh develops characters with whom the readers will instantly relate to and fall in love with. Anyone with a checkered past will understand the difficulty of facing it, returning to it, or uncovering it. The author explains that everyone is going through some sort of life challenge; however, it is possible to overcome life’s obstacles and to forgive and move forward. Each character learns to conquer his or her fears by turning to God and by accepting the guidance of others. They do this not only in the most traumatic of times, but the simplest of moments as well.






*The Seven Signs Of Jesus*

Here is a quick preview of my latest published review:

The Seven Signs of Jesus offers a presentation of what the author believes were seven specific verifications that Jesus Christ was, indeed, the Son of God and the promised Messiah.  It also gives an in-depth explanation of what these signs looked like when Jesus accomplished them…  Read more